Modelo Alcohol Content
Modelo Alcohol Content

Modelo Alcohol Content: 4.4% ABV Modelo Especial


PRODUCTModelo Especial
CATEGORYAmerican Style Lager

If you are a beer lover, Modelo is one that should never miss. Then why don’t you take a look into Modelo Alcohol Content, its flavor, and more? Here are some interesting facts.

We all have some love for beer. And we have our favorite flavors. But still, there are some brands loved by all despite their flavor, light or strong, or any other fact. One of the kind is MODELO, which is in its highest popularity for years.


Modelo is a Mexican Dunkel-style masterpiece drink every beer lover should give a try. In concerned the brewing industry in the past, Modelo is one of the most inspiring choices in the market which brings a refreshing feel.

So here in this post, we are going to take a look at some interesting updates in focus to Modelo Beer. It is important to know its highlighting facts and about how it has come to the list of favorites. Let us get into the facts keeping you no longer wait.

Modelo Alcohol Content- What do you know?

Alcohol Content is one of the most common facts nowadays we hear from Alcohol drinkers (not to be confused with blood alcohol content or BAC). What is the Alcohol content and how it affects it? Is it too high or too low? These are so common among drinkers nowadays? Actually, what it means by the Alcohol content of a drink you take?

The Alcohol Content of Modelo Beer one of the significant facts that make Modelo popular among many. In fact, there is nothing to get worried about the Alcohol content of it as the percentage comes at 4.4% Modelo beer abv. Just like its strong health benefits, it brings an amazing taste that you would never forget.

For better understanding, if we take two of your favorites as Modelo abv vs bud light abv, it is clear about Modelo being your first vote.

Not with one drink, just compare it with any of the modern-time beers with high popularity in the market and see the results on Modelo Beer which is high in Modelo Alcohol content and its never-failing taste.

What makes Modelo Best?

If you had any doubts about what is the Modelo ABV, you have the answer. But you still looking answer for what is all good about Modelo Beer? Here are some interesting facts on that.

The interesting fact to start is about the founder of this amazing taste. In fact, he has won over 60% of the whole Beer Market in Mexico showing how powerful the taste is. The company is co-owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. And for further, Constellation Brands manages Corona beer also manages Modelo Beer. So this is one big proof that tells us about how powerfully it reaches in the International Beer Market.

To know some more, go on reading:

  • It brings a great taste
  • We find Modelo under the cheapest beer category that is easy on the pocket too
  • Brings a sense of foreign mystique too

With all these, Modelo is crowned among the top Beer options in the International Market that someone would very hardly miss.

Like to know Popular Varieties?

Just like we went through Modelo ABV and its popular factors, there are many to talk about Modelo Varieties. So here we pick the three most famous Modelo Beer types to give a try.

Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial comes in the category of light Beers with only 4.4% Modelo especial ABV. It comes to its popularity with a mild flavor and dark texture.

And another important thing about Modelo Especial is its low calories that bring no harm to your body.

Modelo Negra

The second pick from us is Modelo Negra which comes in ABV of 5.4%. This comes in the middle of both light and strong. So if you want something not too light or strong, this would be a great fit for your special day. And this is exactly why the Negra variant is more popular among all its options.

Modelo Chelada

Containing an ABV of 3.3%, Modelo Chelada the lightest beer you could have from the Modelo range. Just as its lightness, it has less calory count bringing no harm to your body.

So if you want to stick with good beer-drinking habits, Modelo Chelada is a great option to try for a lighter feel.

Modelo Alcohol Content

These three flavors win all hearts for years. And the biggest pleasure is to know that company has been experimenting through new flavors to keep a growing in the customer base. So this is why Modelo is winning over others no matter what it is on Modelo Alcohol content, calory rate or anything. In the market today, Modelo is on the top of the list of popular beer brands.

The post today is giving space for the most popular Mexican beer hero, Modelo. In case if you have not tried the beer yet, you must definitely give it a try.

Do not take more wait, go to the nearest beer shop and take your favorite flavor.

No matter Modelo Chelada, especial, or Cerveza, with the best ABV values and never-failing taste you should take a sip. Then, why wait, grab your Modelo!


Modelo Alcohol Content: 4.4% ABV Modelo Especial
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