• High Tech Gadgets to Step Up Your Drink Game

    High Tech Gadgets to Step Up Your Drink Game

    Since we’ve all been stuck at home for so long, many of us have learnt to become our own bartenders. The tech world has come along to help us improve our drinks and bartending skills but creating smart tech gadgets and appliances to improve our drink game. These are some of the top recommendations from our friends at TechQuarters, an award-winning provider of Manchester IT Support and are always on the lookout for new smart home appliances and gadgets. Bartesian This is a cocktail maker that allows you to make over 25 different types of cocktails. The best part is that you don’t need countless ingredients or even bartending skills.…

  • Gin alcohol content
    Gin Alcohol Content

    Gin Alcohol Content and Everything You Should Know

    Here is another popular beverage was known as Gin. This can simply introduce as liquor and that made by purifying and flavoring its ingredients through a very special process. The drink could be colorless or a color similar to pale yellow. There are several principal raw materials, berries called Juniper, and grain mash that commonly introduce as ingredients to make Gin. Purified spirits that extract from those will finally thru Gin alcohol content. The most popular botanical flavors come to the market from the United States and Britain. If it is about the type, drier and Netherlands types are highlighted with both full-bodied and malty-flavored. Gin as a beverage The…

  • beer alcohol content
    Beer Alcohol Content

    World’s Number One Alcoholic Drink – Beer Alcohol Content

    Did you know that water and tea are widely consumed drinks in the world? So what’s next? Of course, it is beer. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. They say that the reason behind Beer Alcohol Content become the most popular alcoholic drink is that people can drink beer more than any other harder beverages without getting drunk. Anyhow, this popular drink has been made using water, yeast, barley, and hops. Yeast – A popular fungus Barley – A type of cereal grain Hops – Flowers that are taken from the Hop plant Hops are the reason behind the bitter flavor of Beer. Thus it is…

  • Dos Equis Alcohol Content
    Dos Equis Lager Alcohol Content

    Dos Equis Alcohol Content and More Facts

    Are you a high-end larger beer fan or someone in the light use? For some, larger Beer is an unpleasant experience while some brewing companies guarantee their brand for light as most of the people prefer. But if you are a user with high expectations, light is not what you want. So is Dos Equis Alcohol Content is your choice? Are you too in the side of Dos Equis light lager? Dos Equis Lager Beer- What do you know? Dos Equis beer is a Mexican-style light beer lager which has been a trend in America. And as Dos Equis introductors came saying,  it is a domestic drink for alcohol consumers…

  • Budweiser Alcohol Content
    Budweiser Alcohol Content

    Budweiser Alcohol Content and Calories- What Should You Know?

    Budweiser is the name that comes in the mind when it comes to American beer. By today, Budweiser is amongst the top-selling beers in the U.S. Just before it came to be a behemoth, it was a hot upstart bottling works that had a skill for profit on technical modernizations. But all the above, it is important to get on Budweiser Alcohol Content and the calories in Budweiser. So make sure you learn everything around before making it your next drink. We find most people like having a pint of Budweiser no matter on what party mode. But a very few percent of all have the knowledge about Budweiser ABV and…

  • PBR Alcohol Content
    PBR Alcohol Content

    Pabst Blue Ribbon: PBR Alcohol Content and Everything You Should Know

      PRODUCT Pabst Blue Ribbon ALCOHOL CONTENT 4.8% ABV CATEGORY American Style Lager CALORIES PER SERVING (12 OZ) 144 Are you hunting new ideas to host a party in college? It is all about fun with a lot of energy. So what about food and drink, especially dinks to set the mood? Are you looking for the options to serve your peers? Then, PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) is the name to get your party rolling. But what do you know about the drink besides its name? There’s a lot to know about PBR Alcohol Content and some more. Never Miss PBR in your List PBR is one of the hits among…

  • Smirnoff Ice Alcohol Content
    Smirnoff Ice Alcohol Content

    Smirnoff Ice Alcohol Content and Everything to Know

    What hit your mind when you hear Smirnoff, yes the first thing is famous vodka loved by many around the world. But that is not what we are talking here, here we come for Smirnoff Ice. It is quite different from what you had been thinking. So why not read all? Get all about Smirnoff Ice Alcohol Content together with more facts. Before take your sip, learn what it takes. What is Smirnoff Ice Alcohol? The name Smirnoff comes with the most popular vodka brand which has come with a new touch of malt beverages in the year 1999. And here, Smirnoff Ice has won the attention of all as…

  • Beer Alcohol Content

    Beer Alcohol Content and Calories of your Favorite Drinks

    Everyone loves to take a drink and just lift the mood to different levels. But did you ever check what Beer Alcohol Content and Calories they take? And did you know it is important to check them out before you take a pint of your favorite flavor? So do you want to know about them? Here we are covering up the Beer Alcohol Content and about Calories of top 50 Alcohol variants. Make the right Alcohol consumption with all knowledge. People have different votes on different beer flavors. While some prefer light, some are looking for strong beer. And those who like something different look for a medium effect not…

  • Modelo Alcohol Content
    Modelo Alcohol Content

    Modelo Alcohol Content: 4.4% ABV Modelo Especial

      PRODUCT Modelo Especial ALCOHOL CONTENT 4.4% ABV CATEGORY American Style Lager REGION Mexico CALORIES PER SERVING (12 OZ) 145 If you are a beer lover, Modelo is one that should never miss. Then why don’t you take a look into Modelo Alcohol Content, its flavor, and more? Here are some interesting facts. We all have some love for beer. And we have our favorite flavors. But still, there are some brands loved by all despite their flavor, light or strong, or any other fact. One of the kind is MODELO, which is in its highest popularity for years.   Modelo is a Mexican Dunkel-style masterpiece drink every beer lover…