Beer Alcohol Content

Beer Alcohol Content and Calories of your Favorite Drinks

Beer Alcohol Content

Everyone loves to take a drink and just lift the mood to different levels. But did you ever check what Beer Alcohol Content and Calories they take? And did you know it is important to check them out before you take a pint of your favorite flavor? So do you want to know about them? Here we are covering up the Beer Alcohol Content and about Calories of top 50 Alcohol variants.

Make the right Alcohol consumption with all knowledge.

People have different votes on different beer flavors. While some prefer light, some are looking for strong beer. And those who like something different look for a medium effect not too light or string. But Didi you ever think what makes your drink strong or light? That is all about Beer Alcohol Content and calories. So take a look at these top 50 Beer variants with its ABV, Calories and per oz details.


  1. Corona Light   ABV- 4.1%     Calories-  99    Per OZ-  12
  2. Heineken Light     ABV- 3.5%     Calories-   99    Per OZ- 12
  3. Miller 64    ABV- 2.8%   Calories- 64      Per OZ- 12
  4. Modelo Especial    ABV- 4.4%    Calories-  145   Per OZ- 12
  5. Miller Lite   ABV-4.2%      Calories-  96    Per OZ-  12
  6. Moosehead Lager  ABV-  5%      Calories-  150   Per OZ- 12
  7. XXXX Beer   ABV- 3.5%     Calories- 109     Per OZ- 12
  8. Natural Light   ABV- 4.2%    Calories- 95     Per OZ- 12
  9. Dos Equis Amber  ABV- 4.6%    Calories-  146  Per OZ- 12
  10. Coors Light   ABV- 4.2% 1  Calories- 02     Per OZ- 12
  11. Furphy Beer    ABV- 4.4%     Calories- 138 1   Per OZ- 2
  12. Budweiser    ABV- 5%     Calories- 145    Per OZ- 12
  13. Michelob Ultra Amber  ABV-  4%     Calories- 95    Per OZ- 12
  14. Helles Lager    ABV- 4.8%     Calories- 150   Per OZ- 12
  15. Iron Jack Beer     ABV- 3.5%      Calories- 100
  16. Stella Artois   ABV- 5.2%     Calories- 153     Per OZ- 12
  17. Bro Code Beer   ABV- 5%     Calories- 144     Per OZ- 12
  18. Natural Ice Beer   ABV- 5.9%  Calories- 130    Per OZ- 12
  19. Vienna Lager   ABV- 5.2%    Calories- 147    Per OZ- 12
  20. Sparks Light   ABV- 6%     Calories- 133    Per OZ- 12
  21. Milwaukee’s Best Ice   ABV- 5.9%   Calories- 144   Per OZ- 12
  22. Milwaukee’s Best Light  ABV-  4.1%   Calories- 98     Per OZ- 12
  23. Goldschlager  ABV-  43.5%  Calories- 143   Per OZ- 1.5
  24. Anchor Steam  ABV- 4.9%  Calories- 153  Per OZ- 12
  25. King Cobra    ABV- 6%    Calories- 134        Per OZ- 12
  26. Michelob Ultra  ABV- 4.2%    Calories- 8        Per OZ-  95
  27. Keystone Ice   ABV- 5.9%   Calories- 145    Per OZ- 12
  28. Miller Genuine Draft Light ABV- 4.2%    Calories- 110   Per OZ – 12
  29. Red Stripe    ABV- 4.7%   Calories- 151   Per OZ- 12
  30. Oculto Beer  ABV- 6%   calories- 180   Per OZ- 12
  31. Icehouse  ABV- 5.5%   Calories- 149   Per OZ- 12
  32. Blue Moon Belgian White  ABV- 5.4%   Calories- 164    Per OZ- 12
  33. George Killian’s Irish Red   ABV- 5.4%   Calories- 162  Per OZ- 12
  34. Pabst Blue Ribbon Light  ABV- 4.19%   Calories- 113  Per OZ- 12
  35. Grolsch Premium Lager   ABV-5%   Calories- 147  Per OZ- 12
  36. Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade   ABV- 3.2%  Calories- 117  Per OZ- 12
  37. New Belgium Citradelic   ABV- 6.0%   Calories- 176   Per OZ- 12
  38. Helium Beer  ABV- 5%   Calories- 360   Per OZ- 12
  39. Harp Lager   ABV- 4.7%  Calories- 153    Per OZ- 12
  40. Kombucha  ABV- 8%    Calories- 100  Per OZ- 12
  41. Zombie Dust  ABV- 6.4%   Calories- 190   Per OZ- 12
  42. Rainier   ABV-4.6%   Calories- 110   Per OZ- 12
  43. San Miguel   ABV- 5.0%   Calories- 144   Per OZ- 12
  44. Sour Monkey    ABV- 9.5%   Calories-  285    Per OZ- 12
  45. Goose Island IPA    ABV- 5.9%   Calories- 206   Per OZ- 12
  46. Sam Adams Light  ABV- 4%   Calories- 119   Per OZ- 12
  47. Gose Beer   ABV- 4.9%   Calories- 146  Per OZ- 12
  48. Fosters   ABV- 5%    Calories- 145   Per OZ- 12
  49. Devils Backbone Vienna Lager   ABV- 5.2%   Calories- 147   Per OZ- 12
  50. Three Floyds Zombie Dust   ABV- 6.2%   Calories- 190   Per OZ- 12

Most of the drinkers have no idea about important Beer factors. They just focus on their taste. Yes, it takes a super taste. But there are also more important factors to care for. Some Beers are not as light as they appear. So it is up to you to make a good choice about what to take inside. And remember this is just for your knowledge about Beer Alcohol Content and Calorie count about what you love the most but not for criticizing any Beer brand.

As to the medical experts, consuming a strong Beer is not recommended. So read about your favorite drinks here and know about how much you take in Beer Alcohol Content and how many calories your drink takes. And knowing them, you can have a good plan in your Beer consumption also considering the impact on health. In fact, health should be your first concern accordingly which you should arrange your drinking habit.

What is Alcohol Content of Beer?

The Alcohol Content of beer is to take a mathematical impression of how much alcohol a particular drink takes letting us know how your favorite drink would affect health.

Looking at the Beer alcohol content list you may struggle to decide about the quality of Beer. So what is high-quality and low-quality when it comes to Beer Alcohol Content? This is something must to ask for. But the answer is little complex as it varied accordingly the country.

In some countries, what is considered as high-quality beer is all that take the highest alcohol beer content. But this changes when it comes to a different country. So the easier way to understand what is high in quality and not in your need is about learning the impact of Alcohol content.

Beer Alcohol Content

What are the Benefits of Alcohol Content?

Alcohol content takes a number of benefits. So here are some of the things you must know.

Improve immunity against Cold

In the winter season, Kids are usually giving 1 to 2 tablespoons of brandy. This improves immunity and helps the body to fight against cold and cough. Brandy has the highest alcohol content which is up to 40%.  But here, brandy is not comparable with beer as they are two types.

The highest alcohol content domestic beer has is at 65%. The ginger beer abv not harmful for the body even for kids. It is a real fighter for cold-like conditions. This comes since 1993 and has not yet reported any harm to anyone.

Drop down the risk of Dementia

For the elders’ generation, memory loss is a very common condition we come across worldwide. So taking the Alcohol Content as recommended, you can let the brain cells to self-cure and repair. It could help with improving the blood circulation and also the respiratory system. And the important fact is it could keep the normal rate of import of oxygen to the brain.

With healthy brain cells, it lets the body to stay free from stress and improve the positivity. So with the Beer of high alcohol content helps your brain cells to function well.

Beer Alcohol Content

Prevent from Type-2 Diabetes

If you are a Alcohol fan, to know that fact is wrong saying alcohol causes diabetes will bring a lot of happiness. In fact, this is logically incorrect. As to the studies, you are still healthy even if you take Corona Alcohol daily. In fact, Corona Beer Alcohol Content is 4.5% which is an average limit.  So it brings no harm to the body especially causing Diabetes like conditions even if you take a glass daily.

As to a study, most of the type-2 diabetes are non-alcohol drinkers. Interesting right? But why? With the help of average beer Alcohol the sugar level in the body gets balanced. And ensures that it metabolizes while alcohol digest by the liver.

Reduces the risks of Mental Illness conditions

As you got to know already, the light beer ABV helps perfectly balanced brain functionality. So bringing positive brain cells to production rate, it maintains the body health.

Do you aware of the typical alcohol content of beer? This could be your next question if you really care about taking the right decision on Alcohol use. Beer may take 3% ABV to 70% ABV respectively the production. There, Modelo ABV is at 4.4% which is counted a very good percentage.

What are the effects of High Alcohol Content?

Beer Alcohol Content

It is important to know the Alcohol Content and its effects before you take a sip of your favorite drink. If not, that could bring bad impact on health. So here you are about what is the impact of high Alcohol consumption.

Harm on Brain-cells

It is important to know that everything is good but up to the limit. So it applies here so right. As you already know, an average beer alcohol content drops down the possibility of falling to conditions like depression and anxiety. But there is another side you need to consider.

High alcohol content beer could bring harm to 86 billion brain cells. This is a confirmed side-effect of too high alcohol content consumption. So when you choose a Beer, consider its Alcohol content to maintain your own health. When considering the high Beer alcohol content, Snake Venom is one variant that takes ABV at 65.7%.

High-Blood Alcohol Combination

This brings damage to the human body together with certain legal aspects. It is a simple fact to realize. If you take high alcohol content beer that has a high chance to mix them into bloodstreams. This lead to high blood alcohol concentration causing intoxication among the users.

Remember that Alcohol takes BAC higher than 0.35% is one-way getting closer to death.

The Chance for Cardiac Arrest

Alcohol percentage is one way that determines the quality of the Alcohol rather than its price. But remember, the high consumption of the high-alcohol content beer could expose you to conditions like cardiac arrest.

In the medical world, Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is the term for this condition. It simply refers heart problems that could possibly occur due to the high consumption of alcohol with high Alcohol content.

Beer Alcohol Content

Wrap Up

Alcohol can be used as a medicinal liquid and also a venom that takes you to death. But this truly depends on Beer Alcohol Content. So it is up to you to decide what to drink and how to stay healthy with the right amount of Alcohol.

Cheers to healthy alcohol use!

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