Pornstar Martini
Pornstar Martini Prosecco

Pornstar Martini Prosecco- What should you know?

Are you in love with the light-crunchy and cold passion?  Want to feel the real-time desire of the drink night making your mind and body relaxed. Then you should not miss the Pornstar Martini Prosecco cocktail. The tree, Pornstar Martini is a first-rate combination of drinks that make a cocktail flavors wildfire.

The Pornstar Martini ProseccoIt has been a top choice among the bars A-star around the world. And it is crowned among the drinkers with its picky taste featuring classical and evergreen cocktail.

Pornstar Martini Prosecco

About Pornstar Martini Prosecco

What is Pornstar Martini Prosecco?

The taste-alike champagne is one major reason for Pornstar Martini in its popularity. But it has a very slight amount of brut champagne. As to the information of the reader know that Pornstar Martini comprises brewing and fermentation of some fresh fruits. And that keeps the essence of the drink high as always.

Taste Amazing Cocktail- Pornstar Martini

The story of Pornstar Martini by Douglas Ankarah in London for about 16 years is well ordered. And this is considered a unique drink as it takes shots of champagne as a side drink. So if you want to taste the feel of Pornstar Martini Prosecco, do not miss combo of drinks on the table for the best combination.

What do you find in Pornstar Martini?

Those who are into conventional type drinks often come with this question, what is in Pornstar Martini? This is fair enough as it has made a considerable trend in the drinking culture that should take a closer view. For your knowledge, the Pornstar Martini is a drink enhanced with fresh Passion fruit flavor.

Pornstar Martini Ingredients- What are they?

Absolut Vanilia, Vanilla syrup, Passoa Liqueur, brut champagne, and lime juice are five major Pornstar Martini Ingredients. And as above mentioned, brut champagne is served as a side drink here with Pornstar Martini.

Pornstar Martini ingredients

Would you like to make Pornstar Martini?

Are you in love with the taste and feel of Pornstar Martini, then why don’t you try it at home? Here are the ingredients for your favorite drink.

  • Fresh passion fruit (quantity two)
  • Brut champagne (quantity two in shots)
  • Passoa Liqueur (quantity half in shots)
  • Fresh Lime juice (quantity half in shots)
  • Vanilla sugar syrup (quantity half in shots)

If you have these with you, it is the time to make your favorite drink. This is a great drink for your guests. So get ready with homemade Pornstar Martini recipe. Let us start!

  •  Wash the passion fruit properly and cut it into two pieces. Then squeeze into a coupe glass you prepared with
  • Take all the seeds out of the fruit
  • Now add four other ingredients like Passoa liqueur, Absolut vanilla, Vanilla syrup, and lime juice shots into the glass
  • Mix all the ingredients well
  • You can now add cool water or ice into the mixture you have prepared and shake well putting the drink into a cocktail shaker
  • The Pornstar Martini is now ready to serve
  • As the side serve, get Brut Champagne into a separate glass
  • Let us go for the home-made Pornstar Martini with Brut Champagne to chill up the day

Enjoy ecstasy of classic Pornstar Martini in your way!

It is perfectly simple to go with how to make Pornstar Martini Prosecco. But do you know how to take the drink?

How to drink your Pornstar Martini Prosecco?

As Pornstar Martini is served with a side drink, some would confuse how to drink Pornstar Martini Prosecco? So how? This is about Pornstar Martini how to drink for those who struggle.

You are recommended to sip Pornstar Martini at gaps. So make sure you do not gulp down the complete glass in a day or two. In order to feel the perfect combination of Pornstar Martini and Brut Champagne, take it slowly with gaps.

It is like taking a sip of Pornstar Martini and with a bit of gap sip brut champagne. This is how the feel of the drink is built.

And in some star-class bars all over the world, we find Pornstar Martini served with Prosecco as the side drink. As you might already know Prosecco is a grape wine from Italy. The wine is made from Prosecco grapes.  This finds a great drink for many. But you could not find it in everywhere. So if you want to taste Pornstar Martini Prosecco, make sure you ask for the name when you take a visit to the bar.

What’s more combines with Pornstar Martini?

Martini is known as the center of creativity and experimenting with more alcohol productions. So it is winning consideration around the world for many new drink combinations. And this is for what Martini is one of the favorite drinks of James Bond. And for more, Slug and Lettuce company in London concern on making new Cocktail flavors in every season including Pornstar Martini.

Do you know about Pornstar Martini Tree?

Pornstar Martini Tree

The Pornstar Martini Tree was discovered by the revolutionary alcohol company in the UK.  A kind of pastoral, right? The best part to say is, Pornstar Martini Tree is not another flavor in Pornstar Martini, but it is the theme category that makes the whole thing alive.

If you are interested in the drinks and drink cultures, you must have heard of new presentations of Alcoholic drinks. That is one thing keeps the drinkers excited the most. And this is what Slug and Lettuce has exactly done. Pornstar Martini tree is a kind of serving the cocktail.  It serves wineglasses that together making a tree. Yes, Pornstar Martini is presented in a treestand alike contrivance.

So do not miss to enjoy Pornstar Martini Tree when you go for a drink in the next time. This opens once in the season to enjoy the classic world of Pornstar Martini.

Interesting Facts on Douglas Ankarah Pornstar Martini

  • Cocktail together with passion

Pornstar Martini cocktail recipe is supported with Passion fruit which cuts into half and let drinkers taste even before taking a sip of the cocktail. In fact, Pornstar martini half passion fruit gives it an extra flavor

For information: In some bars around the world, the bartender skips adding passion fruit and champagne in serving saying that makes the cocktail quite knotty on your pocket

  • Liqueur substitutes

Are you making Pornstar Martini at home but find no Vodka or Passoa liqueur? No worries, you can try a substitute like white rum, dark rum or tequila. This may change the taste from original Pornstar Martini but no less of the feel. So give a try.

  • James Bond’s martini—shaken or stirred?

Pornstar Martini related to James Bond’s drink in a movie. When he was asked shaken or stirred by the Bartender, he said, “shaken not stirred”. This was quoted so well by the Alcohol users around the world and says modern shaken not stirred Martini by many.

  • Legend Drink in London

Douglas Ankrah is the founder of Pornstar Martini, who is known as the legend of the bartending world. The idea about having a glass of cocktail with a side glass of champaign or passion with gaps came with this which made a huge change in the cocktail drinking culture.

The idea hit the world making Pornstar Martini making it a universal choice for alcohol consumers who are matured in the subject.

  • Extra Special experience with Bar Soho

If you are willing to visit the United Kingdom and have a special cocktail, Pornstar Martini, make sure you do not miss Bar Soho, located in the heart of the London west end. That is where you can find the best Pornstar Martini and feel the taste originally.

Pornstar Martini Prosecco

What are the Nutrition Values of Pornstar Martini?

If you to try a glass of Pornstar Martini Prosecco cocktail and still stay healthy, you must concern on ABV (Alcohol by Volume). So to keep Alcohol and health in parallel, it is important to put attention on Pornstar Martini Calories. But do you really know Alcohol Percentage and other nutrition of Pornstar Martini?

ABV of Pornstar Martini:

Pornstar Martini includes more than 2 liqueurs combinations that lead to improve the alcohol by volume (ABV) of the glass of drink. For your information, Pornstar Martini passionfruit alcohol percentage is 14.9 per glass bottle or coupe glass. And in the other way, it can be said 700 ml Pornstar cocktail.

One of the significant things about Pornstar Martini alcohol content is that it goes with the flavor of lime juice and passionfruit. It brings the sweet-sour flavor of the cocktail taking it from the conventional type of cocktail drinks. And it stops BAC or Blood Alcohol amount from generating.

Pornstar Martini Calories:

A coupe glass of Pornstar Martini takes 224 grams of calories. Of all them, 16 grams are sugar calories. For your information, taking the drink at gaps is better and recommended. So if you have any conditions like diabetes type-2 Pornstar Martini passionfruit will fit right. So give it a try.

Pornstar Martini Carbohydrate Count:

Do you think Pornstar Martini would lead to weight gain? Leave the worries away as Pornstar Martini carbs do not found. In other words, the Pornstar Martini has zero cars. So this helps to clear out the confusion in the context of the physical effects of the cocktail drink.

Note for the user: If you go for homemade Pornstar Martini, its alcohol by volume and alcohol percentage can vary with respectively the use of liqueur. So use ABV calculator formula and calculate alcohol by volume of your home-made Pornstar Martini.

ABV= OG-FG*131.25

  • OG = Original gravity of drink (gravity before fermentation)
  • FG = Final gravity (or gravity after fermentation)

Tips and Tricks that work in making Pornstar Martini at home?

Chill out: If you want to make your Home-made Pornstar Martini A-grade, make sure you chill the liqueurs. This will add a chilling pleasure to your drink

Serve with Passion Fruit: Make sure you present Pornstar Martini in the classic way. Try to cut the passionfruit in a Round-V shape and place it at the top of the glass. And for better feel of presenting, rim the cocktail glass with lime flesh. The other option is passion fruit. If you like,  rim it with salt too adding some more taste but only if you and the guests are desire

Cocktail shaker: If you have been using any old methods to shake the cocktail, that does not fit well in this era. So make it some more modern with Cocktail shaker. It will bring the best mix of the four

Give a touch of dark chocolate: If you do not in love with the vanilla syrup flavor, the best option is Dark chocolate as the as another Pornstar Martini ingredient. You can add two shots of them to the mix and give it a rich taste

Martini Tree: Martini Tree is one of the best ways you can make your presentation extra special. If you are serving a big crowd or your friends, use this for a very professional serving. You can get Martini tree online or from any liqueur stores

Pornstar Martini Prosecco

The End

From the discovery in 2002 in London by Douglas Ankrah, the Pornstar Martini Prosecco cocktail serves a new trend in drinking culture. The A-grade 007 Martini “shaken not stirred” could probably win your first choice as it only takes an average alcohol percentage up to 14.9.

It has a great drinking pleasure bringing a fine combination of 2 liqueurs and a syrup. With the touch of passion fruit, the drink upgrades its nutritional values making it a benefit at the same time with fun. And by taking the drink with the touch of passionfruit will lessen the bad impact on health after Alcohol use like high-rate intoxication or nausea. So if you like to serve it in your friends’ gathering, that would make the perfect fun. You can prepare it at home by yourself by mixing the five main ingredients to a great mix. So give it a try and have the most fantastic Cocktail feel. Make sure you take it with gaps for the right taste.


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