High Tech Gadgets to Step Up Your Drink Game

High Tech Gadgets to Step Up Your Drink Game

Since we’ve all been stuck at home for so long, many of us have learnt to become our own bartenders. The tech world has come along to help us improve our drinks and bartending skills but creating smart tech gadgets and appliances to improve our drink game. These are some of the top recommendations from our friends at TechQuarters, an award-winning provider of Manchester IT Support and are always on the lookout for new smart home appliances and gadgets.


This is a cocktail maker that allows you to make over 25 different types of cocktails. The best part is that you don’t need countless ingredients or even bartending skills. The Bartisan has four canisters for you to store your favorite base liquors which can be anything from tequila to vodka or whiskey, whatever suits your mood. Then all you need to do is add one of the cocktail mixture pods to the machine, choose your drink strength and you’ll have a perfectly made cocktail. If you’re unsure about which liquor goes with which cocktail, it tells you right in the pod!

Soma Bar

The Soma Bar comes with six drink canisters that can be used for liquor, spirits and syrups. This can be connected to an iPad app which allows you to make your drinks without having to watch over the machine and get your hands dirty. To make your drink you’ll need to tag which ingredients you want to use on your iPad app and it will mix the drink for you. The Soma is connected to Siri and Alexa which allows you to use voice control.

Drinkworks Home Bar

The well-known brand Keurig, has now brought us the epic Drinkworks Home Bar which allows you to create cocktails with the push of a button. This kit is highly recommended by our Managed IT Services Provider, TechQuarters, because unlike the Bartisan, the Home Bar has all the ingredients, including spirits and syrups, encased within the pod. This home bar has no need for liquor canisters, all you need to add is water. Drinkworks also has a carbonation system, which allows you to carbonate drinks that would usually be bubbly. When you insert the drink pod, the Home Bar automatically senses which cocktail needs to be made and will prepare the drink exactly as it should be, all in under a minute.

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