• High Tech Gadgets to Step Up Your Drink Game

    High Tech Gadgets to Step Up Your Drink Game

    Since we’ve all been stuck at home for so long, many of us have learnt to become our own bartenders. The tech world has come along to help us improve our drinks and bartending skills but creating smart tech gadgets and appliances to improve our drink game. These are some of the top recommendations from our friends at TechQuarters, an award-winning provider of Manchester IT Support and are always on the lookout for new smart home appliances and gadgets. Bartesian This is a cocktail maker that allows you to make over 25 different types of cocktails. The best part is that you don’t need countless ingredients or even bartending skills.…

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    Irish Whiskey Alcohol Content

    Irish Whiskey Alcohol Content – 94.8% ABV Irish Whiskey Special

    If you are a Whiskey lover, Irish Whiskey is one of the best Whiskey products that you should never miss. So don’t be late anymore. I invite you to have a visit to Irish Whiskey Alcohol Content and find its flavors, alcohol percentage, taste, and more. Irish Whiskey Alcohol is one of the great styles of Whiskey in the world. Normally it contained 94.8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). But the alcohol content will be getting some changes between 40-94.8% ABV with different brands of Irish Whiskey. It is made from unmalted barley and typically blended with grain Whiskey by using triple-distilled. And, also it is a favorite worldwide Whiskey type,…