Sexual Dysfunction Facts Every Man Should Know

5 Sexual Dysfunction Facts Every Man Should Know

Sexual and reproductive health is important not only for men but also for their partners. As puberty hits them or they become sexually active, they will deal with these concerns. These worries grow bigger as they get older because they fear that they will not perform well during their sexual encounters. As a matter of fact, talking about male sexual health issues is not only limited to erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation. The treatment doesn’t only involve premature ejaculation medication Australia, but also other therapies. This article will provide you with five facts regarding sexual dysfunctions that every man should know.

Low sexual drive

Although this problem is relatively common to be encountered by men at any age, they rarely want to talk about it. They will rather pretend that everything is fine and act like they have a high sexual drive. The root of this problem revolves around unpleasant emotions such as stress, frustration, and anxiety. Relationship issues, other physical illnesses such as diabetes, kidney problems, and mental illnesses like depression, can trigger a decrease in sexual desire. To address this issue properly, it is in your best interest to consult with a doctor about the condition. Because some medications might worsen your situation. The professional can prescribe you the right medicines, supplements, and therapy to increase your sexual desire.

Sexual Dysfunction Facts Every Man Should Know

Delayed ejaculation

This situation occurs when you face trouble reaching the climax, and you ejaculate after the usual time or are incapable of ejaculating at all. If you suffer from thyroid disorders or nerve damage, you will likely develop this issue. If you wish to reverse the condition, you may require help from a skilled sex therapist. They can find the right solution for you and advise you on how to overcome the issue.

Premature ejaculation

Different from delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation refers to a situation where you ejaculate fast or immediately after you begin sexual intercourse. This condition is frequently experienced by younger men who are trying to figure out how sexual intimacy works. However, it may also happen to older men as a symptom that can lead to erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues. If you encounter this problem, you should not make the reckless decision of taking the medication without consulting with the professional first.

Peyronie’s disease

This disease is also known as congenital penile curvature. It can be identified when you find a bulge on the top or bottom of your penis, which can create a painful erection. This is a difficult situation and may require an injection or surgical procedure to resolve the problem. 

Erectile dysfunction

If you are unable to keep a firm erection during intercourse, it means that you suffer from erectile dysfunction. It generally happens due to the lack of blood circulation in the penis.

Make sure you talk with your doctor to identify the cause of this issue and receive the right treatment to cure ED.

When you have trouble maintaining men’s sexual health do not feel uncomfortable seeking professional help. The sooner you get the proper treatment, the higher chance you can recover from it and improve your sexual life.

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