• Understanding Smart Recovery
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    Understanding Smart Recovery

    The SMART recovery program is no news as most individuals who struggle with addiction see it as their go-to remedy. Spelt out fully as The Self-Management and Recovery Training, this methodology helps maintain abstinence. It is a four-point recovery system that empowers individuals to overcome unhealthy thoughts and behavioural patterns that triggers alcoholism and substance abuse. Founded in 1994 and originally known as Rational Recovery, this program is an alternative to Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and many more addiction recovery groups that support the 12-step principles. 1992, it became the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Self-Help Network (ADAHSN), and two years later, it transformed into what everyone knows it…

  • Overcome Alcohol Addiction with These Few Steps
    Alcohol Volume

    Overcome Alcohol Addiction with These Few Steps

    Why do most people start drinking? Some self-medicate because of stress and depression. Some think that alcohol cures depression, but it doesn’t. Alcohol only induces depression. We know the dangers of alcohol and how it can consume a person’s life. But is it possible to overcome alcohol addiction?  Yes, but you can begin by identifying the signs of alcoholism:  Do you drink everyday?  Do you need to drink to feel normal?  Do you drink just to “forget about life?”  The initial problem is that we fail to recognize these signs. Instead, we focus on one therapy or the other. Ask anyone the question: How do I Overcome Alcohol Addiction?  The…